Measuring a saddle

Saddles are measured / fitted at the customer’s stable or at our workshop in Emst.

Before we start making a new saddle, we ask a deposit of €200,-. This deposit is deducted from the total amount of the new saddle. When we come to you we ask €45,- traveling costs (in the Netherlands, for other countries we ask different prices, this depends on the amount of km). Should you decide to cancel the new saddle, we keep the deposit of €200,- to compensate for the costs already made.

Delivery time

The delivery time of a new Hulsebos saddle is about ten to twelve weeks. We start making a new saddle when we have received the down payment.


We always make an appointment to deliver a new saddle (or a repair saddle). The saddle has to be paid in advance or at the appointment. It’s important that the rider is present at this appointment. When we deliver a saddle, it’s important that the horse is ridden with the saddle so we can check the fit of the saddle. And if necessary we will adjust the fit and chek it again.

Shipping costs

The customer has to pay for he shipping costs of a saddle. Pick-up and delivery of a repair saddle are not covered under warranty.

Guarantee saddle tree

The guarantee on a tree of a new saddle is three year.

Guarantee fit

We don’t give guarantee on the fit of a saddle. The back of a horse can change, by training. by physical condition (for example pregnancy) or because of the age of the horse or seasonally (summer/winter).

The crookedness of a saddle can also be caused because the horse isn’t straight or doesn’t walk straight, or because the rider doesn’t sit straight or by irregular pressure on the stirrups.

Hulsebos saddles advices using a stool (ca. 60cm high) for getting on the horse.

A new saddle is checked and fitted when it is delivered. We cannot guarantee a remaining fit. Therefor we advise that you let us check your saddle once or twice a year. It can be necessary that the first check of a new saddle is necessary within 3-6 months. We try to do the saddle check at the customers stable. In exceptional cases we may ask you to come to our workshop, because we can offer you a better service here.


Guarantee on leather

The guarantee on standard, schrumpf, -schneider- and buffalo leather is one year. On rodeo calf leather the guarantee is 6 months. On the stitches and girth straps we give one year guarantee.

Leather is a natural product and may contain natural features, such as a small scarf in the kneepads, the seat or the flaps. We cannot give any guarantees on discoloration of the leather or other spots that arise during the use of the saddle. Dirt or sand on riding boots can cause spots on the leather. Also ridings pants with silicone or artificial leather can cause spots (wearing out of) on the leather. We recommend to maintain your saddle frequently.

If you use your stirrup leathers under the flaps, we cannot give any guarantee on the sliding forward of the flaps.


When we deliver a new saddle the customer receives a pot of leather conditioner. We advise that a new saddle is maintained 4 to 5 times a week during the first weeks. After the first few weeks you need to maintain your saddle on a regular basis. We give no warranty fort he wearing out of leather (such as dehydration), which is created by bad maintenance.


Repairs under the guarantee conditions are free, provided that the saddle is delivered or sent to our workshop in Emst. If you want us to pick-up the saddle or to deliver the saddle , we ask traveling costs.

Cancelling appointments

For appointments that are cancelled less than 24 hours in advance, we charge the customer with the traveling cost of €45,- (in the Netherlands, for other countries we ask different prices, this depends on the amount of km).

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