Hulsebos saddles is committed to the long term satisfaction of customers who invest in a Hulsebos saddle. Because horses change in shape, we recommend that saddles should be checked regularly, normally once or twice per year depending on the horse’s age and level of work.  With a new saddle the wool will settle down very quickly because it is brand new. The saddle needs it’s first reflocking/adjustment  between three and six months after delivery.

When we check the saddle, it is very important that the horse is ridden by his rider to insure that the fit of the saddle is properly evaluated and adjusted.

In addition to regular fitting control of the saddle,  a saddle needs regular cleaning. When you first buy a new saddle you will receive our own leather conditioner to clean your beautiful new saddle. Naturally, you can also buy this leather conditioner when we have an appointment or you can buy it in our webshop. We do not  recommend cleaning with saddle soap or other cleaners, just use our conditioner!

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