Dynamic 3

The Dynamic 3 is characterized by the square cantle and the kneepads without stitchline.

This saddle has the low point slightly forward. Because of the square cantle, the saddle has a flatter seat. This makes a more independent seat possible.

This saddle is also suitable for baroque horses, like Friesan and Andaluisian horses. But it’s also suitable for pony’s.


  • Brown or black leather, or a combination of both colours.
  • Different kinds of leather, like: rodeo calf, buffalo, schrumpf, patent, or stingray.
  • Different kinds of rolls.
  • A preformed or plain kneepad possible.
  • The back of the cantle can be made in plain-, buffalo-, patent,- or stingray leather.
  • The facing can be made in brown, black, white or patent leather.
  • Different colours of weltline possible.
  • The saddle will be custom made for you and your horse(s).

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