This saddle looks a lot like the Dress.CC, but because of o few little changes, you have an even better contact with your horse.

This is also because of the special pads that we have placed on either side in the skirts. Because of these pads, you have a deeper seat in your saddle.


  • Brown or black leather, or a combination of both colours.
  • Different kinds of leather, like: rodeo calf, buffalo, schrumpf, patent, or stingray.
  • Different kinds of rolls.
  • A preformed or plain kneepad possible.
  • The back of the cantle can be made in plain-, buffalo-, patent,- or stingray leather.
  • The facing can be made in brown, black, white or patent leather.
  • Different colours of weltline possible.
  • The saddle will be custom made for you and your horse(s).

Interested or questions?