A very important feature of Hulsebos saddles is the individual measurements of both horse and rider. Both are evaluated while riding with several Hulsebos models. In this way we can see which model is the best option for both horse and rider. We will guide the riders in choosing the best model, seat size, knee rolls, colour of leather and other features. Our saddlers will also determine how the saddle needs to be  made to fit the horse perfectly.

During the fitting special attention is paid to:

  • Confirmation of the horse
  • Breed of the horse
  • Age of the horse
  • Stability of the saddle on the horse in all three gaits
  • Rider’s seat, leg position and balance
  • Any physical or medical issue of the horse or rider.
  • Wishes of the rider

When the saddle is completed, we visit the customer again to deliver the saddle. It’s important that the horse is ridden by his own rider, This insures that the saddle meets the expectations of the customer.

When you decide to order a new Hulsebos saddle, we ask you to make a down payment. Should you decide not to buy a new saddle after our fitting consult, we ask you to pay the consulting and travelling costs.

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