We only make custom saddles because we believe that every horse and rider are different. The saddle must always be fitted and customized to the horse and rider to achieve the optimal fit and comfort. All our models can be customized to the individual horse and rider.

Our panels are designed to allow the horse complete freedom of motion and expression of the gaits. Our trees incorporate ’low pressure points’ to help protect the horses back and allow a comfortable and secure leg connection for he rider.

To guarantee our quality, we do not sell saddles without the rider testing it on the horse.

All our saddles are unique! When we measure a saddle, the following customizations points are discussed:

  • Type of knee rolls
  • Length of the flaps
  • Seat depths
  • Billet lengths
  • Cantle shapes
  • Weltline colours
  • Leather types
  • Leather colours

We can make the saddle just like you want it!

Interested or questions?